Open Projects

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Job Number

Percent Complete

50109002 0
41013020 0
40917008 0
C3048 0
Agility AC Service West Mathis QU-298 0
Agility Ofc. Heat Pumps A400020 & A400021 Repairs QU-280 0
Agility RTU 5 Repairs QU-308 0
Agility Spring Service RTU 2-6 QU-281 0
Albuquerque Penguin Chill Habitat C3664 85
BCBS Struxureware Upgrade AS-P Installation C4001 0
Bellevue University Betz Dorms Fire Panel C3931 30
Blair High School Renovations MAR 2018 C4030 0
Cash-Wa Dist Freezer DC and Truck Shop New Edition C4028 100
Celerion Set Up Trend Log QU-277 0
Center Mall-Continuum Upgrade, Boilers, Server C4048 11
CenterPointe Replace Netcontroller C4040 0
Century Link DPC Chiller Room Panel Replacement C3965 55
Cherry County Hospital Hugs Expansion C3532 80
CHI Health Schuyler Hospital Hugs System C3994 85
CHI Lakeside and Immanuel Move Hugs Server to VM C3934 30
CHI Mercy Med Council Bluffs Hugs Reactivitation C3888 30
CNH AC Split Unit and MiniSplit Replacement C3997 0
CNH Conference Room Remodel APR 2018 QU-309 0
CNH MAU Replacement FEB 2018 C4041 0
Core Bank C3780 75
Countryside Community Church C3887 0
Creighton - Cardiac Remodel QU-299 75
Creighton - Dowling Remodel QU-300 74
Creighton University-Boyne Renovation C4004 40
Creighton-Criss 2/3 Heaters C3988 80
Creighton-Criss-Fan Coil Units C3985 100
Creighton-Hixson Lied-Fan Coil Units C3984 50
Creighton-Old Gym AHU 3,4, & 5 C3820 96
Creighton-Rigge Lab Remodel C4047 37
CSG - Print Room C4026 0
CU - St. John Church Meter Changes QU-261 0
CU-Brandeis DH Renovation C3828 45
CU-Morrison Stadium C3998 100
CWD Add CR to North OH Door and Install Breakroom C4065 0
Desoto-Visitor Center Building Chiller Replacement C3839 98
DMV Cameras and Alarm System C3973 100
Down Time C0003 0
Elkhorn Foundation C3952 90
Embassy Suites Control Upgrade C3991 100
Eppley Airfield Parking Garage Expansion C3608 0
First Lutheran Church C4034 80
FNB-North Platte Boiler Replacement C4006 11
Fremont YMCA - Pool Mechanical Room and Control C4053 0
Fremont YMCA - Sump Pump Monitoring QU-292 0
Fusion Med add 2 CRs replace 2 CRs and add buzzer C3990 100
Gateway Arcade Remodel C4036 5
GIPS Jefferson Elementary FEB 2018 C3971 0
GIPS Kneale Administration Building MAY 2018 C4061 0
GIPS Stolley Park C3891 20
GPS-Gretna High School Classroom Fit Out C4000 20
Greater Omaha Packing Co Inc C3983 85
Green Plains - Sensor Change QU-266 0
GSK Andover Controller Upgrade September 2017 C3847 17
GSK Central Util Plant BACnet IP Connectivity C3896 60
GSK Central Utilities Chiller #3 Replacement C3916 100
GSK Continuum Workstation Upgrade C3545 22
GSK Server Virtulization C3546 12
GSK Workstation Replacement C3607 11
GSK-WWTP Renovation April 2017 C3800 60
Holiday C0006 0
Holland Performing Arts Center Audit C4027 0
Indian Creek One C4046 0
IWCC Clark Tower Smartstruxure Upgrade C4013 0
IWCC-Boiler Plant Renovation C3999 100
IWCC-Hoover Remodel C4043 0
IWCC-Wellness Building C3769 0
Jefferson Comm Health Ctr-Chilled Water System C3759 90
Johnson County Hospital Surgery C3705 100
Li-Cor Add 5 Card Readers in Building 3 C3960 80
Li-Cor-BDLG W3 cGMP MFG Card Access C3870 90
Li-Cor-BLDG W3 cGMP MFG C3869 100
Lincoln Ortho H2O Valve & Air Temp VAV 2.4 QU-302 0
Lincoln Ortho Center BAS Upgrade C3961 100
Lincoln Ortho Center Upgrade Control VAV 1-7 C4063 0
LIncoln Ortho Center Upgrade Controls VAV 1-3 C4068 0
Lincoln Ortho Center Upgrade Controls VAV 1-6 C4067 0
Lincoln Ortho Center Upgrade Controls VAV 1-8 C4066 0
Lincoln Plastics RTU Repairs QU-305 0
LPS Southeast/Southwest HS Mechanical Upgrade C3992 0
LPS-Belmont Elementary IAQ Project C3701 90
LPS-Belmont Elementary IAQ Project-REC CENTER C3878 100
LPS-Lincoln Childrens Zoo Expansion Project C3938 7
LPS-Nut Serv Food Warehouse-Human Elem Temp Sch Pr C3321 100
LPS-Ruth Hill Heat Pump Replacement Project C4021 0
Marian High School Renovation C4064 0
Merck Bldg 7 O2 Sensor Installation C3619 0
Merck Well Pump Isolation Proj Redlion Interface C4038 0
Mercy Villa South Door Electronic Keypad QU-232 30
Methodist CCTV Camera Recording Replacement C4016 40
Methodist Health System Corporate Building C3919 30
Methodist Hosp Existing 3rd Flr NICU Actuator repl C3836 93
Methodist Hospital Add Camera to LL Drs Garage QU-306 30
Methodist Phys Clinic Millard Install Card Readers C4035 30
Metro Community collage Culinary Arts X1230a
Metro Community College-EcoStruxure Update-Fremont C3932 100
Midland University-Student Commons Heat Pumps C3987 100
Midwest Surgical Hospital - Controller 3-15-18 QU-259 33
Montgomery Co Hosp-Red Oak-Internal Med Remodel C4012 0
Montgomery County Memorial Hospital-BMS Upgrade C4032 0
Moores Lanscaping & Nursery, Inc C4049 30
Mutual Bldg HQ 1st Flr Data Ctr Office Conversion C3989 100
Mutual CSB Ceiling Exhaust Fan PM May 2018 C4052 0
Mutual of Omaha Bank Landmark 15th Flr Tenant Impr C4045 0
Mutual of Omaha Bldg 3 4th Floor Remodel APR 2018 C4018 98
Mutual of Omaha CSB Compresser Replacement JAN C3950 29
Nebraska Medicine-Bellevue Intercom C3524 100
Nebraska Wesleyan Fine Arts VFD Replacement QU-290 15
NIC FIC Lab Door 101F Card Reader C4060 0
NIC-Food for Health C3924 100
NIC-Spreetail Phase 2 C3900 100
NMC Ames Ave Clinic Security C4058 0
NMC CT 3872 Lab Master & Add 2 Release Buttons QU-286 30
NMC Midtown Clinic Upgrade Security System C3921 100
NMC Troubleshoot Exhaust Fan Problems 40707004 100
NMC-DOC Level 2 Pharmacy Card Readers and Intercom C4003 30
NMC-Twin Creek Clinic Card Readers C4037 70
No Job Number C0002 0
OHDZ-Asian Highlands C3840 51
Olsson Associates Lock Down QU-288 30
Omaha Fed Reserve Wiring and Install of 12 outdoor C3884 80
Oracle Security Install for Netronix QU-296 75
Osceola Public School Steam Coil Replacement C4020 0
OTC - Ralston Interior Upgrade C3982 50
OTC-Front End Upgrade (Ralston) C4033 0
OTC-LaVista RTU Shutdown C4044 0
Papillion LaVista Old Glessman Bldg Card Reader C3907 80
Pius X-Addition C4025 0
Power Protection Products QU-199 85
Pratt Reg Med Ctr Hugs and Kisses on Wifi System C3933 100
Rain and Hail Card Acess Install C4054 30
Ricoh USA C4017 90
Sales C0005 0
Sanford Fargo 2nd Flr A Wing ARU Hugs Addition C4011 30
Schering Plough Bld 16 AHU X3761 0
Schering Plough Bld 22 AHU X3760 0
Schneider Electric-Chiller 1 Control C3834 100
Scneider Electric-Process Tower Controls C4042 0
Security National AHU 4B1 C4055 0
Sick C0001 0
St Benedicts Mission-Ecostruxure Upgrade C3986 0
St Benedicts Mission-Valve Update C4029 0
St Vincent de Paul - Parish Addition C3980 0
St Vincent de Paul Upgrade C3948 0
St Wenceslaus New Church C4014 0
Terracon Sensors QU-265 0
Tetrad Corporation-Fortigen Security C3729 75
Training C0004 0
UNL City Utility Plant Chiller #3 Condenser Tubes C3972 0
UNMC ADC 2nd Floor Add 3 Panic Buttons QU-307 30
UNMC ARS Door # 2006 CR QU-293 30
UNMC DOC 1619 H 2 Panic Buttons QU-273 100
UNMC DOC 4603 5 Panics Buttons QU-310 30
UNMC DRC 1 and 2 Perimeter CRs C4019 40
UNMC Poynter Hall Move 2 Panic Buttons QU-303 0
UNO Baxter Arena-Boiler-On-Trac Controller Delete C4059 0
UNO-Strauss Performing Arts Center C3771 30
UPRR Child Care VFD June 2018 C4069 0
UPRR Harriman Dispatch UPS Alarming C4010 0
Vacation C0000 0
VAMC - VISN23 RF Room Upgrade C3981 0
VAMC 100HP Motor Replace C4062 0
VAMC Chiller Flow Switch 3-27-18 QU-268 12
VAMC Controller and Pressure Sensors 4-4-18 QU-276 0
VAMC Flowline EchoSonic II-Trane Chiller QU-285 17
VAMC Surgery Chiller Refrigeration Detection QU-301 0
Wesley Med Ctr Hugs and Kisses Patient Protection C3945 95
Windstream HVAC Upgrades 1440 M St Base and Alt# 1 C3925 86
Windstream Liebert Controls Replacement C4031 0
Zoetis - C423 Temperature Probe QU-295 100
Zoetis 3 Office Card Readers C3953 100
Zoetis C Warehouse Card Readers C3943 100
Zoetis CR GMT Pilot Lab B791 QU-269 100
Zoetis Green Locked Indicator light for Cage C1222 QU-81 100
Zoetis Lyo Mech Unit 6 Room C642 CR C3743 100
Zoetis Security Equipment Improvements C3906 80
Zoetis Small Volume Filling Area Card Readers C4007 30
Zoetis-7037SF VFD C3969 100
Zoetis-Bldg 2 Energy Valves C3770 100
Zoetis-Bypass Piping CT 7 C3930 0
Zoetis-Freezers (B2-A3009 & B1-B400) C3898 80
Zoetis-Incubator Monitoring-Masterseed B1116 C3928 100
Zoetis-Knolls Viral Isolation Expansion C4057 0
Zoetis-Rabies Antigen Suite C4056 0
Zoetis-Small Volume Fill Area C3899 10