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Leverage all of your systems

To meet the demand for open and interoperable systems, KMC offers products designed around the BACnet protocol. From powerful operator workstation software to advanced application and building controllers, these scalable systems offer owners and management personnel maximum flexibility in implementation. When interoperability isn’t a requirement, KMC also offers a proprietary line of DDC products. Open or proprietary, KMC's line is distinguished by intuitive building automation software, fully programmable Tier 1 and Tier 2 controllers, networked thermostats, and network accessories. Control Services Inc. can engineer, install, and maintain all of these systems.

Powered by NiagaraAX

The KMC Controls BACnet Module for NiagaraAX adds the required functionality to the NiagaraAX framework to fully integrate KMC BACnet controllers into a Niagara managed controls system. Once installed, all objects and properties in KMC BACnet controllers can be configured from either Niagara Workbench or through a JACE panel.

Sustainability, Interoperability, Reliability

These words will drive the future of building automation controls in the 21st Century. These words describe what is provided by KMC BACnet! Sustainable, “green” buildings will become the expected norm in the future. The U.S. Green Building Council has been paving the way with its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating System. Earning LEED certification points in the crucial categories of Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy and Atmosphere requires an efficient building automation system, which is what BACnet® and KMC Controls® are all about.


Why BACnet?

BACnet (for Building Automation and Control NETworks) is the only communications protocol that was designed for open system interoperability and specifically intended for building systems. Interoperability means that products from different manufacturers can communicate with each other and work together. The concept of interoperability blends well with the integrated project design of LEED and other green approaches. An open system also helps reduce future risk for building owners. If a BAS vendor for an installed proprietary system goes out of business, future maintenance and upgrades might require the old BAS to be torn out and entirely replaced by something new. Interoperability, however, means that new can build on the old, and it helps future-proof life-cycle costs. An uncertain future means we can’t be content with the best practices of the past. Working groups within BACnet International are constantly striving to evolve the standards to help meet the new environmental and energy challenges of tomorrow.

Flexible Configuration and Deployment

For AHU, FCU, HPU, RTU, and VAV applications, KMC offers models of controllers with built-in standard application sequences and optimized outputs, which allow rapid deployment of controllers on a job. However, many sites require customization to their unique needs. For maximum flexibility, all KMC BACnet controllers are Fully Field Programmable so you can customize your applications as much as you need.


Pondering Proprietary Objects and Properties

While the BACnet standard defines required objects and properties, it also provides manufacturers the freedom to create proprietary objects or properties of objects. Such moves, however, can block true interoperability. KMC Controls is committed to BACnet the way it was meant to be, and refrains from using proprietary objects or proprietary properties in the standard objects of any BACnet controllers.

Talking the Talk

Participation in annual BACnet interoperability workshops enables manufacturers to test the communication capability of their products with other BACnet equipment and to resolve problems that might arise in the field. KMC Controls has been an active participant in such workshops since their inception. Thier products have communicated effectively with comparable products from all major BACnet manufacturers. In the past, getting new controllers to communicate with other controllers on a network has often been one of the most time-consuming aspects of a network installation. KMC’s built-in auto addressing automatically assigns MAC addresses and device instance numbers to our advanced application controllers, simplifying installation of a BACnet network.

Robust Reliability...Sometimes Repackaged

After installation, the superior quality design and construction of KMC controllers will provide years of trouble-free operation even in demanding conditions. Their industry-leading five-year warranty shows their confidence in their products. KMC products have been recognized even by other manufacturers as being among the best in the business. KMC privately labels their controllers for a variety of corporations...but it is what’s inside that counts whatever the outward label says. So whether building new or augmenting an existing BACnet installation, KMC Controls is the intelligent choice.

KMC Controls is committed to design energy saving and environmentally sustaining building automation products that are developed, manufactured, and supported by creative and dedicated people.