The TAC I/A Series™ Building Automation System is Intelligent Automation for every type and size facility. Delivering an open interoperable solution through the power of the Internet, the I/A Series provides full access and control of your building from anywhere in the world. Only I/A Series is:

  • Open & Interoperable.The I/A Series fully supports industry standard open system protocols.
  • Web Powered.The I/A Series is designed from the ground up as a Java based web enabled product family. Thin client, pure browser access for any size project.
  • Full Range of Control Solutions.The MicroNet series of controllers offers the most complete line of fully programmable, open protocol controllers.
  • Innovative Design.Industry leading family of intelligent temperature and humidity sensors—the S-Link series.
  • Investment Protection.Brings the Internet to NETWORK 8000™ and DMS™ building automation systems.

Integrated Building Management

Take integration to a new level with a complete set of solutions to centrally manage the vast amounts of information your building generates every day. From the smallest system to the largest; our Open Interoperable Systems provide powerful HVAC control, unmatched flexibility, complete interoperability and efficient energy management.

Security and Access Control

With wide ranging building management integration and interfaces at all levels of our systems, Schneider Electric also offers the strongest security solutions on the market. And thanks to our scalable architecture, and secure yet open networks, the system can be cost-effectively expanded as needed.

Power and Lighting

Eliminate the need for costly hard-wired interface panels, custom software, and duplicate networks and controllers. Schneider Electric offers seamless integration with lighting, power management and power distribution systems to gain even more control over your energy costs.

Digital Video

Video retrieval is fast and easy with Schneider Electric’s integrated DVR solutions. View live video as well as retrieve and view recorded video. Search events by time, date, location, camera, alarm, and more.

Web Solutions

Schneider Electric web solutions provide anytime, anywhere access. Reduce software and upgrade costs, as well as training time. Retrieve real-time building data and reports, handle alarms, change set points, and perform system diagnostics and routine maintenance instantly. Decrease your maintenance costs with software that is secure, yet intuitive.

WorkPlace Tech

The TAC I/A Series WorkPlace Tech Tool 5.8 (WPTech) is a cohesive, flexible system-engineering tool compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise. It uses a Microsoft Visio 2007 or 2010 drawing interface for graphic representation of control applications and control objects. WP Tech is designed for use with all TAC I/A Series MicroNet™ controllers. Using WP Tech, a user customizes an application to fit specific job requirements, compiles the application, and downloads the application to a standalone or networked controller. WP Tech allows a user to program TAC I/A Series MicroNet controllers using its extensive library of specialized, individual control objects.

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